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Big Joe’s Real Pies

Big Joe’s Real Pies is a specialist retail store focussed on manufacturing & supplying fresh, high quality home-made pies.


Big Joe’s Real Pies is a specialist retail store focussed on manufacturing and supplying fresh, high quality home-made pies. 

The primary target market is the general broad spectrum consumer. Although Big Joe’s is a strong destination oriented retailer, high-traffic mall locations create a win-win for the landlord, consumer and Big Joe’s. 

Our competitive pricing structure is conductive to bulk-selling, both to the general public and the wholesale market. The success of this concept is evident by the high demand experienced in our existing stores. 

In line with international trends, Big Joe’s shops have a modern open-plan design and layout that affords customers the opportunity to see how the pies are manufactured.

Big Joe’s was the manufacturer and supplier for Deeghuys pies up until January 2016, when it was decided to change the focus of the business to retail franchised outlets instead. 

The first Big Joe’s pie shop was opened in Hermanus in 2012. The shop was an instant success and after trading successfully for three years it was decided to open a second store nearby, in Strand, to further refine the business and franchise model. 

Big Joe’s is a proven concept offering affordable, high standard products that is well-suited to the current economic climate.

The company is headed by Hennie Andrews (Kind Pie & Butterfield) and Pieter van der Merwe (founder of PNA and former Managing Director of Deeghuys). Each partner brings a unique set of skill to the table and by combining their unique skills and talents, they have created a sustainable and profitable business model. 

The Concept

In the current economic climate where consumer buying power in under pressure our bulk pricing structure addresses this concern. Experience in our current store is that customers are increasingly buying boxes of pies (i.e. 10 pies per box) rather than buying just a single pie ot enjoy for lunch.

Consumer trends have revealed an indication towards increased spending at factory-type stores where there is a perceived increased value for customers. Our open plan layout invites people in and customers can see first-hand and up close how the fillings are prepared, the pastries are made and the pies are baked. 

With pies baked on site daily, freshness is guaranteed and customers can feel confident about every pie purchase made. 

With Hennie’s experience in pastries and proven filling recipes, we can say with confidence that our homemade, quality pies are on par with the best pies anywhere in the world. We have been monitoring our customer feedback and the general feedback is that “once you’ve tasted a Big Joe pie, you don’t eat any other pie”
The industry in changing; while it made sense in the early 2000’s to produce the pies in a national central kitchen, freeze it and then distribute it to the branch network, the rise in fuel, distribution and electricity costs means that the time is right for a new business model. To contain the margin cutting battle, our model offers more secure and sustainable margins along with very competitive pricing. 

By aligning with current trends, we offer our franchisees a sustainable business model and our customers a superior well-priced product.

We provide franchisees with a turnkey solution that includes:
  • Finding the right site
  • Lease negotiations
  • Store planning, layout and design
  • Pre-opening and in-store training
  • Pre-opening marketing campaign
  • Opening marketing campaign

Our Head Office team will assist you on site before and after opening, ensuring a smooth and successful store launch and, most importantly, on-going support for the sustainable profitability of your finance.

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